What’s an Autoresponder and how do I set one up?

Setup a series of autoresponder emails that go out when a contact is added to a list. Autoresponders are perfect for welcome emails, tutorials, re-introducing old content to your new contacts or subscriptions that require renewals.

To add an Autoresponder follow these steps:

1. From your contacts tab, click 'Autoresponders' for the contact list that you would like to create an Autoresponder for.


2. Click 'Add Autoresponder'.


3. Next select to design your Autoresponder email either from scratch or from a template.


4. Give your Autoresponder a name.


5. Click 'Edit' to start designing your Autoresponder.


6. Once you're done designing your Autoresponder click 'Save'.


7. Click 'Continue'.

8. Type in the Subject for the Autoresponder email, type in the From name, select the From email and the Reply-to email. You can send a test email to view the Autoresponder in your webmail inbox. Click 'Continue'.


9. Schedule when you would like your Autoresponder to be sent out after your contact is added to your contact list. Click 'Continue'.

10. Don’t forget click to click 'Activate'. Now your Autoresponder is active and scheduled to be sent out.

Examples of Autoresponder uses: You can schedule your Autoresponder to be sent out 1 minute after your contact was added to your list to thank them for signing up to receive emails from you. Or you can set up an Autoresponder to be sent out 1 month later as a follow up to see how that contact is doing or if they have any feedback.
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